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Millionaire Traders and Senior Trade Analysts who use algorithmic trade alerts:

Tim Bohen

StocksToTrade's Lead Trainer and 15-year trading veteran.

Matt Monaco

Turned $2,000 into nearly $2 million in lifetime trading profits by the age of 26!

Bryce Tuohey

A college dropout who pursued day trading and has made over $1 million in trading profits.

Caleb Horst

Globetrotting musician-turned-successful day trader with a passion for teaching...

Erik Slaikeu

Decorated marine & combat veteran, successful serial entrepreneur, and investor.

Danny Phee

An avid trader & real estate coach who's helped clients realize over 8-figures in profits!

It’s no secret that Wall Street has rigged the stock market in their favor…

It’s why they rake in billions of dollars any given day while retail traders like you are left picking up the scraps.

However, the main reason Wall Street institutions crush the markets day in and day out simply has to do with the fact that…

Computer Algorithms Do Up To 75% Of All Stock Trades

That’s right.

It’s not because they have superior strategies than you…

Or even more experience…

It’s simply because they’ve leveraged computer technology to do their dirty work.

This is why now is the time to officially level the playing field and gain access to the same powerful tools institutional traders use.

We've recently cracked the code to Wall Street's success with our new proprietary Oracle Algorithm that not only took us $3 million to build…

But one that’s already spotted twelve 100% winners within the last month alone:

$TKLF - High of day hit $.52 for a 108% gain.

$SGBX - High of day hit $9.30 for a 118.82% gain.

$MGRX - High of day hit $1.12 for a 111.32% gain.

$MGOL - High of day hit $1.49 for a 106.94% gain.

$LUCY - High of day hit $1.13 for a 334.62% gain.

$LIDR - High of day hit $3.23 for a 103.14% gain.

$GWAV - High of day hit $.2299 for a 109% gain.

$FLJ - High of day hit $2.75 for a 198.91% gain.

$FFIE - High of day hit $2.35 for a 158.24% gain.

$FFIE - High of day hit $.3598 for a 227.09% gain.

$BRSH - High of day hit $.29 for a 123.08% gain.

$AWIN - High of day hit $9.80 for a 154.15% gain.

The best part?

We’re sharing it with you FREE of charge today.

Here’s the thing, our algorithm delivers daily SMS alerts straight to your phone, giving you the edge you need to work towards succeeding in the markets.

So whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, our algorithm picks and expert analysis will help you confidently navigate the markets.

Again, our Oracle alerts are completely free of charge…

Simply because we want to level the playing field and disrupt the game that Wall Street has been playing against us for far too long.

Sign Up For Our Algo SMS Alerts FREE OF CHARGE And Start Making Smarter Trades


Once you sign up you’ll also get:

  • An algo analyst stock pick delivered to your email every night, including a breakdown of the trading day with tips, lessons, and a stock pick from our senior analysts to help you prepare for the next day.
  • A subscription to our Daily Accelerator newsletter. It includes lessons, pattern breakdowns, and strategies to improve your trading from our lead trainer, Tim Bohen — a veteran trader with over 15 years of experience.

Even though most Wall Street institutions amass billions per year in trading profits… They’re clearly playing with an unfair advantage.

This is why we've taken the edge right out of Wall Street's back pocket and we’re handing it to you with our daily email and SMS alerts to exploit these explosive opportunities…

Completely free of charge.

Why Do Our Algorithm’s Trade Alerts Work So Well?

The Oracle Algorithm is our system that uses computer-generated algorithms to transform complicated stocks into simple yet effective trade alerts...

Algorithmic alerts offer three benefits:


#1: Accuracy and Fewer Mistakes: There is minimum human intervention in algorithmic trading, so there is a lower chance of making dangerous trading mistakes.

Using the algorithm, we sift through 15,000 stocks every second. Our algorithm searches for a 5 to 1 risk ratio, meaning $1 of risk to make $5 on each trade. It generates 15 trading opportunities a day and we alert one of them.


#2: The Algorithm is Working Hard 24/7: A computer doesn’t need sleep, so our trading algorithms can always find trades when the market is open.

There is no missing any qualified trade setup with algorithmic trading because our algo scans the markets even while you sleep.

Then it alerts a watchlist of stocks before the market opens so you’re ready to trade.


#3: Emotionless Trade Decisions: Your emotions in trading expose you to unnecessary risk. When you lose capital because of emotional trading, you tend to revenge trade or overtrade…

There’s an intense feeling to overcome the loss as quickly as possible. And to do so, you start taking random trades that can cause more harm than good.

By using “Algorithmic Trading” you remove decisions based on emotion and can make trade decisions based on statistics.

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