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Evaluate complete trades (open position and close position)

Partial closes are ignored, position needs to be fully closed for accounting $0 trades are ignored Average P&L / trades is obtained by calculating the per account average, and then calculating the average of all the averages for all users; Alternative method can be done by calculating total P&L and dividing by total number of trades

Average trades per account is obtained by counting the total number of trades and dividing by the number of accounts (mean function)

Total accounts: 957

- Avg of Avg P&L/account : $357.8085047529869

- Total Trades: 50688

- Avg trades per account: 52.96551724137931

- Avg P&L: $456.2582401228517

- Median Total P&L: $529.9499999999998

- Median Avg P&L: $33.290175000000026

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