Millionaire Trader Who Predicted 2022 Market Crash Reveals:

“What I built in preparation for this crash has recently delivered 150%, 299%, and even 321% cheap stock plays (while the mainstream CONTINUES to ignore them)”

-Tim Sykes


What if I were to tell you that today’s economic situation isn’t quite what it seems.

Would you be surprised to know that a lot of the financial pain and suffering that everyday traders are going through… is a self-fulfilling prophecy constructed by mainstream talking heads.

The same talking heads who want you to feel helpless…

And want you to “get back in line”

But the truth is… like with all market crashes… there will always be a group of people who ignore the noise and are ready to capitalize on the immense opportunities that these same crashes can bring.

My guest today… was ahead of the curve in warning everyone and he is here today to reveal something that he has been building for the last decade.

And he has a plan to help traders escape the herd and actually find ways to win while the market is down.

What he is going to declassify in just a few moments has recently uncovered monster stock moves… as much as 150%, 250%, and even 321% within just a few minutes or hours.

That just goes to show… that there is money to be made… even though most traders have been struggling to trade in this market.

My name is Zak Westphal and my guest Millionaire Stock Trader Tim Sykes is here today to talk about a very sensitive subject…

One that many of the millions of traders who follow him have been speculating about for years, but until now it hasn’t been discussed much… if at all.

Frankly, this couldn’t come at a better time as traders across the nation struggle to handle the volatile stock market.

Because what you’re going to learn (and have access) to today… could very well help thousands of traders, like yourself, find very profitable trade opportunities in this bloody market…

He calls it “Operation Overseer” and it’s recently uncovered monster stock moves even as the rest of the market continues to struggle.

Tim… thanks for being here today.


Good to be here… thanks for the awesome introduction man…

Like you said…

I’ve been putting this together for 20 years… and I’m excited about how this will change how the everyday trader finds winning plays.

I recognize that people need help.

It’s a different market than it was in 2021. This is exactly what I was afraid of back in the fall when I made this prediction.

Fortunately, I really do believe that what I am going to be revealing tonight… is exactly what traders need during these times.



Let’s cut right to the chase. What is this Operation Overseer?


Well… first let me pull something up here….

Take a look at these 3 guys:

These 3 are my private analysts and this is the most you’re ever going of see of them…

I am protecting their identities for a reason…

They operate in the shadows of the market and help me run a stock market intelligence network that I built to find actionable market catalysts.

Which frankly… is one of my favorite trading strategies.



Historically, when you hear about an “intelligence network” , it would be in the context of spies or governments.

So what do you mean by stock market intelligence network?


Well my undercover analysts have a combined 50+ years of professional experience on Wall Street.

I’m talking about 50+ years of wheeling and dealing with insiders of large multi-billion dollar hedge funds and market makers.

And a lot of times they were tasked with providing these organizations stock trading intel that was used to make multi-million dollar trades.

These guys are masters at finding intel EARLY….


Woah hang on… I gotta stop you there…

Are you talking about insider trading? … That’s illegal right?


No, no no… nothing illegal like that. Let me make that clear.

My analysts are not looking for information about stocks that isn’t available to the public.

These guys are looking for and analyzing intel in places that most traders aren’t paying attention to. And they do it very quickly.

You have to think… a lot of the time you see news on CNBC, Motley Fool… Yahoo Finance or any of the mainstream stock news sources… that is already old!

By the time an article is published or news is aired on CNBC, thousands and thousands of savvy traders have likely seen that catalyst.

These analysts that I found over a decade ago… are the best-of-the-best in terms of those savvy traders.

I managed to pull them from their cushy Wall Street gigs and hired them to collect early intel for me.

And the best part is most of the time the information they find is on cheap stocks that aren’t on the radar of most hedge funds and mainstream news networks…

And these are the stocks that I LOVE to trade.


Let’s talk about that for a second… because some people are hesitant when they hear about cheap stocks.

You don’t hear the Wall Street Elite like Warren Buffet or Carl Icahn talking about stocks trading under $10 or $20 very often.

But I pulled your track record that is publicly available…

It has all of your wins and losses. Everything.

It says here you’re up $7.3 Million in trading profits

And you’ve built an outstanding winning percentage of 77.1%

That’s impressive… I mean anything above 50% is a success.

Even during the 2008 financial crisis and the current crisis we’re in today.


Yeah… and sometimes it feels like I barely even trade these days.

I’m a lot more patient than I was when I was younger.

I focus on trades that follow a strategy that I can get in and out of within just a few minutes or hours at most.

I spend maybe a couple of hours in the morning making trades…

Then spend the rest of it traveling… eating incredible food… working on my charity…

And teaching my students… which I'm now up to 25 them who have become millionaires themselves.


Yeah, and several more of them are getting pretty close.


Exactly. I’m hoping to be at 30 or 40 millionaire students soon.


So you’ve literally made money on THOUSANDS of trades…

But how do you and your analysts find them? Most stocks that you hear about on the news… or that most people know about trade for $50, $100… sometimes even thousands of dollars per share.

There isn’t a whole lot of information out there about cheap stocks.


Well, let’s take a look at the Cyber Security stock $CYRN as an example.

On February 24th this stock actually opened LOWER than its closing price from the previous day.

In fact, as you can see on the chart… for an entire year this stock was LOSING money.

The stock went from a high of $32 on February 9th 2021…

All the way down to $2.17 on February 23rd, a year later in 2022.


Woah that’s what… over a 93% decline?


Yup… Good math.


I’m glad this ticker wasn’t in my portfolio in 2021. Yikes


Right?! It’s a terrible stock and clearly, there weren’t too many people hot on it.

It’s one that most people probably want to be investing in long-term.

But on February 24th… when the stock was trading at $2.50 my undercover analysts caught wind of some whispers in private chatrooms and reported back:

“$CYRN on watch - hearing cyber security name getting mentions”

Then just 3 hours later the stock had shot all the way up to $6.66

That’s a massive 166% surge… within just 3 hours!

*Past performance does not indicate future results.


Wow, and like you mentioned… this was a dogshit stock that people weren’t even talking about.

It previously had been down 93%+.


Exactly… if it wasn’t for my intelligence network it wouldn’t have even been on my radar.

In fact… I mentioned how I only spend a couple of hours per day trading…

THAT IS BECAUSE I have built this intelligence network to go out and find intel for me so that I don’t have to spend hours of my day trading.

And this is just one of many examples.

Let’s take a look at the pharmaceutical ticker $VERU

For the start of 2022… this stock laid dormant.

That was until Monday, April 11th at 8:37 during the pre-market when my undercover analysts caught wind of news of progress on their COIVD-19 treatment

They reported back:

It was only trading at $5.70 then.

But once the market opened and more people got ahold of the news… shares spiked all the way to $14.57.

That’s a 155% move within just a few hours!

*Past performance does not indicate future results.


That’s incredible man.

You just don’t see early intel like that shared on the mainstream news…

In fact… I’ve seen some studies out there on the effectiveness of the stock picks made Jim Cramer from CNBC’s Mad Money… probably the most famous stock-picking guru out there…

There is an awesome website out there called Unusual Whales that puts together unique research like this.

They looked at Jim Cramer’s trades over the course of one or two decades and concluded:

So not only do you not see 155%+ movers on CNBC or other mainstream news sources…

But in some cases, it can even be BAD to follow the intel.


Yup… I see traders try to act on stock news all of the time…

They think that some piece of news is going to FOR SURE cause the stock to surge…

But the opposite often happens.

They walk into traps…

Or the expected surge in the stock price happened so fast that by the time most traders could even place a trade… it’s too late.

Look, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose… but I tell all of my thousands of students…that you don’t want to get sucked into the hype.

This is why the intel my analysts provide is so valuable.

I’d rather trade cheaper stocks that are under-the-radar and more volatile… meaning they have a greater potential to move.

That’s why I started Operation Overseer to find these!

When was the last time you saw a large-cap stock surge 155% within a few hours?

It very rarely happens.

But it actually happens fairly often with these cheaper, more volatile stocks… IF YOU know what to look for.


That is the perfect segway into my next question which is…

How does Operation Overseer work?

How do you get this intel that most everyday traders can’t find?


Well when I started planning Operation Overseer, I quickly realized there needed to be 3 key pillars that would support this strategy.

All 3 are vital for the operation to be successful… and frankly, it’s what makes this such a unique operation.

Until today… this level of resources just hasn’t been affordable to everyday traders.

The first is intelligence gathering.

My analysts have access to intel sources worth tens of thousands of dollars per year…

Some are sources that are expensive… and others might be readily available to everyone… but just fly under the radar because most everyday traders haven’t even heard of them.

Every morning and throughout the day my analysts sift through all of these services and curate what they find… in real-time…

So the intel they provide is actually tradable.

When I am making trades on catalysts… I don’t care what is happening with these cheap stocks long-term.

I don’t even care about their fundamentals.

For all I know they may not even be in existence in a few months!


Interesting… most research services out there aren’t even factoring in short-term plays…

They’re designed to help you build a portfolio or make trades that might take days…. weeks… months or even years.

But as you said earlier… you’re interested in getting in and out of trades within a few minutes or hours.


Exactly… I’m looking for intel that will help me make quick trades

Here is another example take a look at the aerospace company SIDU Space.

Ticker $SIDU…

Let’s be real….

This isn’t Boeing… or SpaceX or… Jeff Bezo’s Blue Horizon.

How many people watching have actually heard of Sidu Space?

And if you look at its stock over the last year between May 2021 and April 2022

You can see traders and investors really weren’t that interested…

Then on 9:00 am on May 6th… one of my analysts uncovered some intel that most people didn’t pick up right away.

He sent out an alert that said

At the time the stock was trading at $2.15

But soon after the market opened… the stock shot all the way up to a high of $4.50…

That is a 109% within about an hour.

*Past performance does not indicate future results.

All on news that most people didn’t catch right away.


I’m going to tell you, man… you just don’t see many opportunities to double your money within an hour in the stock market very often.

And it makes sense to have this intel early.

You have to think about how much of the stock market these days is all automated.

The players on big wall street use complicated algorithms to pick up on stocks with prices surges…

And once that happens... You’re often too late. Everything happens so fast.



And these happen often… Here is another one

It’s actually a bio-tech play with the ticker $EVOK.

For almost a year this penny stock was on a downward decline…

But on April 26th one of my analysts knew where to look and uncovered a press release on this unknown penny stock…

And at 8:34am… when this stock was trading at just $0.62 my analysts sent out an alert.

Then by the time the market opened an hour later… it shot up all the way to $1.41.

*Past performance does not indicate future results.

That’s a 125% gain within the hours!


And pay attention to the dates!

I remember the market being pretty brutal in April and May when both of these plays happened.

There weren’t too many traders bragging about… frankly anything then.

Tim that’s another unbelievable example.


Yeah you know… and let's be real… not every stock that they find is going to surge 125%... or surge at all… but as you can see the potential is there.


Okay so Intel Gathering is pillar #1 …

What is pillar 2?


Well on top of sifting through stock data… my analysts serve another important purpose in Operation Overseer.

And let me warn you right now… this might be a little controversial.

But I have even deployed my analysts into private chatrooms to do surveillance on other chatrooms.

It’s the main reason I keep my analysts' identities classified.

I can’t expose who these guys are.

When we’re talking about these cheap stocks… oftentimes it doesn’t take a lot of traders to move these cheap stocks.

So my analysts quietly sit in these rooms… unknown to everyone else and they monitor what stocks are being hyped up in these chats.


Woah… now I get why you have been keeping this under wraps for so long.


Yeah I mean…

They might even secretly be in the chatrooms or discords that the viewers at home belong to.

Some of these chats are designed for Wall Street Insiders like them. They’re not easy to get into.

Others might cost thousands of dollars to be a member of.

I’m sure many viewers watching this know just how boom or bust these trading chatrooms are.

After the whole meme stock craze… everyone and their mothers had a discord room!

How many of them actually worked out? It can be a huge money pit to find the most useful rooms.

But I have made sure that they have a large reach so they can monitor… not just 1 chat but several all at the same time.

The average trader in the room may not realize that a stock mentioned in the room… may also be mentioned in several other rooms.

Take a look at this stock $NRSN…

Early in the morning during pre-market on March 21st, one of my analysts noticed that multiple-chat rooms were hyping up the ticker $NRSN…

And at 9:07am while it was trading at just $2.05, my analyst sent out an alert…

And by mid-day, it shot up all the way to $8.18

That’s a 299% move within a few hours!

Again - not every play is going to be a 299% winner but in this case with NRSN it certainly was.


Wow. That’s not information you can find anywhere else… UNLESS you’re in the chatroom…

But even then… how would you have known that the stock was being hyped up in other chatrooms as well?

It likely just wasn’t one chat room driving the stock all the way up to 299%.

It is extremely hard to find 299% trade opportunities… in any market!



You know here is another example… This one is actually an afternoon play on March 15th…

Take a look at the ticker $HOUR during the first part of the day:

A little morning movement… but not a whole lot going on.

Then at 2:07 PM… when the ticker was trading at $3.50 my analysts noticed some activity and sent out this alert:

And real quick before I go on… I want to point out something very important.

You can see my analysts don’t just share every piece of raw intel… they analyze what they find and curate what they only share information that they feel is actionable.

That doesn’t mean they’ll always be right… no one is… but very often they are.


Yeah, you don’t get that when you just watch the news and or read newswires.



Anyways at 2:07pm they sent the alert on $HOUR when it was trading at $3.50

And then at 2:30pm the ticker shot all the way up to $5…

That’s a 42% move in 23 minutes!

*Past performance does not indicate future results.

Now, that may not a 299% move… but it’s still very impressive in my opinion.


I mean…

Most traders don’t see quick 42% moves on stocks very often.

It can be hard to find these opportunities and it’s even harder to time them right.

But let’s say you only caught 20% instead of a 42% move… and you chose to invest $5,000…

I’m not saying that you should invest that amount or anything at all… but let’s say hypothetically… you did

That’s still $1,000 within 23 minutes.

The average income in the United States $67,521… which comes out to what…

About $260 per day?


That sounds about right.


So $1,000 is significantly more than what most people make in an entire day….

Let alone in 23 minutes!

Again… that is probably not reasonable to expect that kind of earnings like every day and some traders may never see them ever.

I’m not going to tell anyone to go out and quit their job tomorrow.

But you can see the potential when an opportunity does work out.



And let me just remind viewers… that was an example of a 42% move…

Early I mentioned examples where stocks made a

166% move…

155% move…

109% move…

125% move…

And even a 299% move…

All within a few minutes or hours!

And these still are from the only recent mega moves Operation Overseer has uncovered…

In fact, none of these are even the largest


Woah… bigger than 299%?


Oh yes. We would be here for a long time if we went through all of the examples.

But I want to talk about pillar #3 which is the technology we have built to make Operation Overseer possible.

This one isn’t quite as much of a secret… I’ve invested millions of dollars of my money into researching and creating algorithms and technology to help find stocks.

Well on March 7th at 9:00am est one of the proprietary algorithms we call Oracle, detected momentum with the oil ticker $HUSA when it was trading at $3.31.

The Oracle Algorithm has been WIDELY successful at finding the 20 hottest stocks for any given day… BEFORE the market even opens

The algorithm has actually been right 82% of the time during the first quarter of 2022… as the stock market was going bonkers.

Anyways at 9:30am est, the algorithm detected momentum $HUSA when it was trading at $3.31…

Then prices of Brent oil prices soared that morning, the stock exploded from $3.31 all the way up to $13.94

That is a 321% move all within a trading day!


321%? That’s incredible man… all detected before the market even opened.

A lot of traders don’t even pay attention to the market that early.


Nope here is another recent example… $CRXT

On April 20th during the early pre-market… nothing really was going on

But at 9:00 am… it was detected by the Oracle algorithm when it was trading around $1.71.

Oracle predicted that this would be one of the 20 hottest runners that day… based on the criteria that we built into the algorithm.

And by 11:48am…. About 3 hours later…

It soared all the way up to $3.94

Which is a 130% mover.

More than double it’s pre-market price!


I haven’t seen anything like this in a really long time. These are examples of opportunities

A lot of traders have given up because they find good stock plays in the market right now…

But over the past few minutes you have rattled off examples of

166%, 155%, 109%, 125%, 299%, 42%, 321% and another 130% play.

Each of the examples you listed off happened within minutes or hours…

The same day…

You alluded to early that today… viewers were going to have access to Operation Overseer…

The 3-pillar intelligence network has uncovered these monster trades.

So the most important question is… how can the viewers at home start to use Operation Overseer to find trades like these?


Well… as mentioned earlier… this kind of operation is completely unprecedented to my knowledge.

I can’t think of any other tool or research that can give the same level of intel that my analysts and software track down…

At least without investing a fortune like I had to.

You have the opportunity to piggyback of all the investments I made into this. The high-level real data alone for StocksToTrade costs millions per year.

Much less what I have to pay for former Wall Street insiders.

But today I am opening up the doors to my personal stock trading intel and giving people Top Secret Clearance into Operational Overseer.

I want to give viewers an opportunity to know when plays like the 321% move on $HUSA …. Or 299% move on $NRSN…. And even the smaller 40% play like the one on $HOUR…. are happening.

The same curated intel that I receive on a day-to-day basis.


Wait hold on… you’re telling me that everyday traders can now have access to the same techniques that multi-billion dollar Wall Street institutions use?

If so then that really has the potential to change the game for retail traders.

So how does this work?



Once you receive your clearance you’re going to receive an email titled “Top Secret Clearance Required: Operation Overseer

That’ll give you all the details you need to know to get started.

I’m going to hook you up with access to my entire StocksToTrade Trading platform where you’ll be able to scan, analyze and even make trades directly in the platform.

This includes the built in news scanner and Screener+ tool that detects catalyst plays in REAL-TIME.

And I am not just talking about mainstream news on blue chip stocks that everyone knows about.

You’ll get catalysts on cheap penny stocks that most people haven’t even heard of.

Your platform access will also give you our proprietary Oracle Algorithm that found that massive 321% trade on $HUSA.

You’re even going to get our brand new ABCD Algorithm which is designed to help traders find and time mid-day trades… and my personal scanners that I built-in.

But here is the best part…

I’ve created an exclusive private chatroom directly inside of the StocksToTrade platform where my Wall Street Insider Analysts drop their intel directly into the chat.

I call it the Breaking News Chat.

My analysts find intel on stocks… and they call out stocks that are receiving chatter in other private chatrooms and alert them into chat.

This isn’t just an email sent to your inbox… or some long report filled with information that you can find on the internet.

These are very short and straight-to-the-point alerts they send out once they find under-the-radar catalysts that could cause the stock to run.

All in real-time directly in the chatroom by my analysts. You can even ask questions and interact with other traders throughout the day.


Wait so the chatroom is inside the StocksToTrade platform?


Yes exactly! You can even click on stocks mentioned in the chat… view their charts and other intel… and then make the trade… in one window so you can research and act quickly if everything adds up!


It’s not every day you can interact in a chatroom that is run by real Wall Street Insiders.


No there really isn’t many places you can do that.

But look…

I get that not everyone will want to be in the chatroom all day.

Or even next to a computer. I get it.

Today traders are more mobile than ever…

In fact… you’ve probably seen my Instagram where I really live in different places around the world and do work for my charity. I don’t really stay in any one place for very long. I trade on the go.

So… I get it.

That’s why I’m also going to send you at least 1 email and text alert per week when I make trades based on intel from Operation Overseer.

I call these CatalystX Alerts and I ONLY send them out when I actually make trades and put my real money on the line.

And i’ve been right over 80% of the time with these specific weekly trades over the last year.


Wow… I hope the viewers watching at home understand how much more fire power that they’re going to have once they have access to Operation Overseer.

They’re getting one of the most cutting-edge stock scanning software including two highly effective algorithms.

Access to a chatroom run by wall street insiders who curate the very same intel that you use.

AND weekly trade alerts from you?

I mean I’ve seen some of your other trade alert services and they go for thousands of dollars.

This has to cost that amount …

I mean StocksToTrade alone typically costs over $2,100 per year and thousands of traders pay that!


Absolutely not! You’re not going to have to buy an expensive or really spend much at all.

And man… that’s not everything the viewers are going to get access to when they have Top Secret Clearance into Operation Overseer.

If you receive your clearance today I am also going to give you access to my Tim Sykes Report which is also written by my analysts based on sector trends they notice during their research.

Each month you’ll receive a special report with their research and a handful stock plays to watch out for.

PLUS you’re going to receive a second bonus…

Our video Market Minutes watchlist put together by my lead analyst will go over the stock plays that they’re excited about for the upcoming week and what to look out for.

And you’re going to get a library of my best stock market trading education… because let’s be real… what good is any intel or software if you don’t know how to use it?

These DVDs cost hundreds of dollars by themselves but todI’m including them for free to people with Top Secret Clearence to Operation Overseer.


So let’s recap Top Secret Clearance will give traders access to

  • StocksToTrade All-In-One Trading Platform… which by itself goes for $2,100 plus per year
  • The Breaking News chat run by your personal analysts who use to be real Wall Street Insiders
  • Tim’s weekly CatalystX Trade Alerts as you make trades from intel from Operation Overseer
  • Monthly Tim Sykes Letter intelligence reports that summarize all the research your analysts have put together on recent sector trends in the market.
  • Weekly Market Minute Video Watchlists every Monday that cover stocks and trends to look for as the week begins.
  • And Tim, you’re giving away an entire vault of your stock trading education?

I’m going to be honest man… if this really doesn’t cost thousands of dollars per month, I am sure there are going to be a lot of people skeptical about how effective this is.

You get what you pay for right?


Not in this case Zak… and you know…. thanks for bringing that up because I am going to put my money where my mouth is.

I am so confident in this stock market intelligence network that I put together that I am going to back it up with not just one guarantee… BUT 3!

I call it a Triple Guarantee… And it’s something that I've never offered before.

If after your first 3 months of having Top Secret Clearance… you still haven’t received

5 winning Oracle Algorithm plays

5 winning Breaking News Chat plays


5 winnings CatalystX Plays

I’ll give you another 3 months for free.

That’s a total of 15 different winning plays within your first 3 months.

Of course.. I can’t guarantee or advise people on what to do with this intel… but what I WILL guarantee is that there will be that many winning opportunities within 3 months.

And 5 from each component too…

If you get 20 winning Oracle Algorithm plays….

5 winnings breaking New Chat plays…

but only 4 winning CatalystX plays...

Then you’re still protected by my Triple Guarantee.


Wow… that’s something I haven’t heard of before.

So what is the special deal you have for viewers today?


WelI because I want as many people to access Operation Overseer as possible.

Like I said… it’s not going to cost you the millions of dollars it took for me to put this together…

It’s not going to even cost you several thousands of dollars per month

If you activate your Top Secret Clearance you’re going to get

  • StocksToTrade
  • Breaking News Chat
  • My CataylstX Trade Alerts
  • The Tim Sykes Letter
  • Weekly Marketing Minutes Video Watchlists
  • And my education vault…

All backed by my triple guarantee for just:

$297 for 3 months

And then just $129 month after until you cancel.

And of course, you can cancel at any time… but given the results above why would you?


Only $297 for 3 months? At that price… this is an absolute steal.

I mean Bloomberg Terminals which don’t even offer you this level of intel cost over $3,000 per month. And there is no guarantee…

Let alone a TRIPLE guarantee.

If you just look at StockToTrade, by itself, it’s typical $179.95 every month.

You’ve demonstrated today that this is the kind of opportunity that has the potential to drastically transform how everyday traders approach the markets… Even during rocky times.

Let me do the math…

If you divide $297 by 90 days … That’s only $3.30 per day!


Yeah let me tell you it costs me WAY more than $3.30 to keep Operation Overseer active…

This is the same information I use every day… and it’s worked well for me.

I have a 77% win-rate to prove that too.

All you have to do is click on the button below to get started activating your Top Secret Clearance Access.


Well Tim, thanks for taking the time today to uncover Operation Overseer.

I’m looking forward to seeing more traders leave the herd and find the real catalyst plays that are happening during these


Thanks for having me on Zak and I hope everyone watching this activates their Top Secret Clearance today and secures their access to everything is included.

And I wish all of you guys watching at home success in these markets.


Well folks… to get access to everything included with Top Secret Clearance just…

Click the button below to get started right now.