The man who first called Tesla at $37 is going public with another big call…

"Elon's Endgame 2024"

Discover how Elon's SHOCKING pivot to this $23 trillion market could send Tesla and 5 tiny "silent partner" companies soaring…

Hi, I’m Tim Bohen.

When I first predicted a massive run for Tesla… BEFORE shares went from $37 all the way to $402 … a lot of people thought I was crazy.

Maybe it’s because I don’t come from Wall Street…

Or because nowadays certain people don’t trust small-town-folks like me.

And yet sure as hell, I was right.

After calling Tesla at $37, anyone who listened had the chance to make ELEVEN TIMES their money.

And today I’m going public with another big call.

But unlike last time, this isn’t a prediction.

It’s already happening now.

In fact, the proof is inside these three groundbreaking patents.

And while most people have no idea these patents exist…I’ve connected the dots.

And today I’m going to reveal how these patents could soon help Tesla revolutionize this $23 trillion market…

Radically transforming your neighborhoods… your streets… and your way of life.

This revolution is about so much more than just self-driving cars.

Instead, what Elon’s pivoting Tesla towards… is a market that’s 1,000X BIGGER.

Billionaire VC Chamath Palihapitiya agrees, saying…

“This is no longer about cars… [This] is worth trillions of dollars.”

But keep in mind, this has nothing to do with SpaceX, or Twitter, or even Elon’s hyperloop project.

Instead, this SHOCKING pivot will likely be why Musk goes down as the most important person of our time.

Based on my research, this move could wind up saving Americans’ $2,000 worth of extra money a year… every year going forward.

With over 330 million Americans, that’s countless billions of dollars in extra potential savings each year.

And as you’re about to see, even with a recession looming…

Elon’s pivot is already having a massive impact on towns and cities across the world.

It’s why I wouldn’t be surprised to see shares of Tesla soon hit $667 apiece.

In fact, ARK CEO Cathie Wood is predicting Tesla to potentially hit $1,533 in just a few years.

That’s nearly 10X upside.

Could you imagine making 10X your money in a few years just from buying shares of Tesla now?

It’s why even in this market environment… the biggest firms on Wall Street own more than $250 billion worth of Tesla’s stock.

Because as everyone knows, Tesla is one of those stocks where the second good news leaks out…

Shares can take off in a hurry.

We’ve seen it happen many times before.

But just know if you ONLY buy shares of Tesla, you could be missing the most lucrative part of this opportunity.

That’s because of these 5 tiny “silent partner” companies I’m going to tell you more about in a moment.

Either way, you’re not going to want to wait too long.

Certainly not until July 17th, as you’re about to see.

Because that’s when I expect details could emerge that bring this story mainstream.

It has to do with something most people still don’t really understand about Tesla.

Something I’ve been saying all along.

And that is…

Tesla is NOT really… JUST… a car company!

Look, we all know Tesla is really good at making electric cars.

In fact, this year Tesla produced it’s 3 millionth electric car.

And yet the stock fell because car sales fell short of estimates.

Now, of course, in this current market environment, most stocks have gotten crushed.

But let me ask you a question…

If you’re NOT really… just a car company…

And in a moment, I’m convinced you’ll agree that Tesla is NOT…

Then, why should your stock rise or fall just based on how many cars you sell?

It’d be like the people who said Barnes and Nobles was more valuable than Amazon in 1997… because they sold more books.

Back then, Amazon had $16 million in book sales and Barnes and Nobles had $2 billion.

Today one of those stocks has soared 19,477% and is now worth nearly $2 trillion

And the other crashed and burned.

Of course, just like Amazon pivoted from books to being the online store for everything…

Tesla is about to make a similar sized pivot.

Amazingly enough it’s sitting on Tesla’s website, even though I don’t think most people realize it.

Because he wanted everyone to know Tesla was not just a car company.

It’s what I’ve been saying all along.And now that Elon has already crushed the legacy automakers and won...

I’m convinced he’s going to pivot Tesla to revolutionize the $23 trillion ENERGY market.

This is not some far off plan.

It’s happening now.

In fact, he’s ALREADY taking on the current energy crisis…

Unfortunately, with all the noise out there about Elon, lots of people are missing this story.

I mean look at these ridiculous headlines…

“This is how Elon Musk will kill Twitter”
– Fortune

“Elon Musk turns Twitter into 'hotel' for staff”

“All the Celebrities Who’ve Quit Twitter Because of Elon Musk”
– RollingStone

And that’s a real shame…

Because despite what the media might tell you…

Americans are about to face the most expensive winter heating bill of the last 25 years.

According to The Energy Information Administration, American households should get ready to pony up close to $1,400.

But that’s just the average.

If your furnace runs on oil, your winter heating bill could run over $2,300.

And that’s still nothing compared to Europe where the average energy bill is expected to TRIPLE.

Of course, like I’ve been telling you, Elon has been preparing Tesla to fight the world’s energy crisis for years.

And it’s all because of something I’m calling “Project X.”

Other people are starting to connect the dots too.

It’s why one billionaire who’s also invested in the energy space, said to Business Insider …

“Tesla [is] a "distributed energy business"… Musk [is] figuring out a way to harness energy, store it, and use it to help people to be productive and fight climate change.”

It’s amazing, because he couldn’t be more right.

This story is NOT just about cars…

In fact, what I’m talking about isn’t about cars AT ALL.

And yet, it’s what this billionaire didn’t say that’s even more amazing.

Because he didn’t say how fast “Project X” is happening!

In a moment, I’ll show you proof. I’ll show you how Elon is advancing “Project X” in three different phases… all at once…

And why I think what happens on or around January 24 will be the shot heard around the world.

Specifically, I’m predicting a Tesla pivot from dominating electric vehicles… to dominating the electric utility companies.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ll show you the proof.

As someone who runs in my social media circles says…

“[This is] an amazing Trojan horse strategy that’s going to see Tesla […] disrupt hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars of revenue…”

And as a New York Times journalist said…

“The world's first trillionaire will be a green-tech entrepreneur. That's trillionaire. With a 'T'.”

This is why I’m convinced Tesla will hit $667 a share.

But honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cathie Wood’s $1,533 prediction is closer to where Tesla ends up.

So people who understand all this now could have a chance to make a lot of money.

And that doesn’t even factor in the bigger potential profits from these 5 tiny “silent partners” that could go vertical on Tesla’s big move.

Look, if you still want to believe Tesla is just a car company, that’s fine.

You’re entitled to have that opinion. I know plenty of people are going to miss out.

But, as you’re about to see…

Project X is already…ONLINE!

Most people don’t think of “savior” when they think of Elon...

But how long was it after Russia invaded Ukraine that Elon was ready to jump in and help?

He had Starlink’s satellites ready to restore Ukraine’s internet… in what? A few days?

Meanwhile, Elon has been ready to jump into this $23 trillion energy market for quite some time.

It dawned on me when I connected the dots between those three patents and Tesla that I showed you earlier.

And then when I started doing more digging, I was blown away.

Just look at what a report I found online said about the impact of Project X on this family.

According to the report, “Project X,” has already helped them save $2,115.86 on average PER YEAR… on their household electricity bills.

Imagine just suddenly having an extra $2 grand every year for the rest of your life.

The report continues…

“[The family] has managed to power their home for just 46 cents per day, all while using air-conditioning, electricity, and appliances as normal.”

Why would a car company want to do any of that?

Where they live in Australia, Elon’s “Project X” is powering 30,000 homes…

Has already slashed the cost of operating the grid by 91%...

And has saved residents $116 million in energy costs in just two years.

That’s amazing…

Even more amazing… Elon has already launched Project X to help fight this energy crisis here in the U.S. too…

And just in time for winter.

And in much of Europe, Tesla confirms “Project X” is active for “energy shifting and stabilizing services.”

In fact, in the United Kingdom, “Project X” will be able to backup power for around 300,000 homes.

So I’m betting it won’t be long before governments everywhere want Tesla to roll out their technology.

Think what’s happening right now with 5G but faster.

Ultimately, I expect Tesla will get permission to operate as an electric utility everywhere.

It certainly adds up if you think Tesla likes making money.

And even though a lot of people think Tesla is a pretty big company already…

A market cap is NOTHING compared to this $23 trillion market they’re chasing.

If I’m right and Tesla hits $667 a share, you could basically 4X your money by just buying shares of Tesla now.

If Cathie Wood is right and shares hit $1,533 a piece… that would be an easy 10X return from one of the world’s biggest companies.

And that’s not even addressing the potential for even BIGGER gains from these 5 “silent partner” companies that are much much smaller than Tesla. That I’m going to show you later.

Like I said, Tesla is just the first part of this story. But you’ll see what I mean in a moment.

Just know you don’t want to wait until July 17th.

Of course, if you still think this sounds a bit too crazy, you should know this is not just a hunch I have.

I’ve been following Elon since his early PayPal days…that was over 20 years ago… and I pay attention to what he says very closely.

And when it comes to Project X, I don’t think he could’ve been clearer when he said, and these are his words…

“Tesla’s overarching strategy here is effectively to become a giant distributor global utility.”

I know most people don’t know this.

But that’s because for the umpteenth time, Elon is again about to do something that’s never been done before.

And that’s when you have a rare opportunity to cash in on his genius.

Imagine buying PayPal BEFORE he revolutionized payment processing…

Or buying SpaceX BEFORE they became the first private company to send people into space…

Or buying Tesla BEFORE they revolutionized the auto industry.

It would have been life changing.

Because all he does is win…

Since going public, shares of Tesla have returned more than 20,000%…

$5,000 invested at the beginning could’ve turned into more than $1 million…

$10,000 could’ve turned into more than $2 million…

And $20,000 could’ve turned into more than $4 million…

But while those gains are long gone, this is another rare shot to laugh with Elon all the way to the bank.

And what I’m predicting should be a piece of cake compared to what he’s already accomplished with SpaceX.

I mean what sounds harder… Starting a brand-new company and revolutionizing space travel…

Or pivoting from dominating electric vehicles to dominating the electric utility companies?

I’m not asking you to take my word for it. When you see the proof I’m going to show you, you can make a decision.

Who wouldn't want to watch their money 10X if Cathie Wood is right?

And here’s another thing…

During my research, I’ve also found a way to essentially “roll back the clock” on Tesla… to buy in with less money than what shares cost today.

This is NOT for everyone, but this strategy is great for people who maybe missed Tesla’s run and have been watching from the sidelines.

It’s the ONLY other way I know to get a direct ownership stake in Tesla without buying into an ETF.

And unlike an ETF, this way you do NOT have to pay management fees… and you won’t get stuck with exposure to other stocks you don’t want.

I’ll tell you more about how to take advantage of this strategy later too.

But when you see what I have to say, I’m confident you won’t want to JUST take that first step.

Because like I’ve said all along, if you JUST buy Tesla, you’re going to miss the BIGGEST potential gains.

Just consider: If Tesla 10X’s, these tiny “silent partner” companies could go much higher.

I’m already telling people about many of these companies right now.

No matter what you decide, I wouldn’t recommend waiting until January 24.

So let me show you how Elon is rapidly advancing Project X in three different phases…all at once…

And why that January date is so important.

And then you can decide how you want to act on this information.

Alright, so let’s start with Phase 1…

Building the Ultimate Battery…

The major catalyst for my Tesla prediction last year was Tesla’s Battery Day.

That’s when Elon revealed what was behind those 3 breakthrough patents I showed you earlier.

But if you missed the tech advancements, there’s only one thing that matters.

Elon is hellbent on building the ultimate battery.

…But it’s NOT for the reason you think.

Because while almost everyone is talking about how building a battery that costs $100 per kilowatt hour… would effectively end gas cars…

Since that’s the price that would make electric cars and gas cars cost the same…

Tesla is NOT really a car company, remember?!

They’re a distributed energy business.

And all of their renewable energy storage systems NEED these batteries too.

Because when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining, you need batteries to power these systems.

As BBC journalist Justin Rowlatt writes…

“Gigantic batteries connected to our electricity grids are going to be central to the great renewable energy revolution.”

And mass producing these batteries cheaply… and increasing how much energy they can store… is the key to unlocking the full potential of Tesla’s energy business.

It’s why Elon has already discussed how to obliterate that $100 per kilowatt hour price level… and why he’s talking about lowering battery cell costs down to $60 per kilowatt hour! (The Department of Energy has already confirmed this is realistic target.)

And it’s why Elon has said he wants to increase the amount of energy Tesla’s batteries can store… by 50 TIMES.

Imagine your phone battery suddenly lasting 50X longer…

Or being able to download things on the internet 50X faster…

We’re talking about doing something that’s never been done before.

No wonder billionaire Ron Baron estimates Tesla’s energy division could be worth $500 billion by the end of the decade.

Or practically half what the entire company is worth today.

Elon thinks it could be even bigger…

“Elon Musk predicts Tesla energy could be ‘bigger’ than its EV business”

The head of energy storage at Wood-Mackenzie Power agrees, saying…

“Tesla’s energy storage business on a percentage basis is growing faster than their car business, and it’s only going to accelerate.”

And while all the real car companies are fighting for a piece of the $2 trillion car market…

Tesla will be on its way to total domination of the $23 trillion clean energy market.

It’s why the Executive Director of the Energy Storage Association puts it… “They’re building the model of the energy company of the future.”

And with Tesla’s end goal in clear sight, it won’t be long before they complete Phase 2…

Building Massive Utility Projects In Towns And Cities Around The World…

This is already happening now…

Remember that winter storm that hit Texas?

Because of that storm, 4.5 million Americans went days without power…

And others were forced to pay astronomical electric bills surging up to $16,000 according to The New York Times.

Well based on my research, Tesla has been contracted to build a massive energy storage project right outside Houston.

Look at this headline from Bloomberg…

“Tesla Is Plugging a Secret Mega-Battery Into the Texas Grid”

The article continues…

“The utility-scale battery located outside of Houston will connect to the same grid that faltered in February’s freeze.”

Why would a car company want to do any of that?

I can’t confirm whether local government officials reached out to Elon or he reached out to them, but either way this is a major deal.

This isn’t a small town in the middle of nowhere. Houston is a market of more than 2 million Americans.

And the crazy part is…

That project is small compared to what Tesla is working on in California.

Look at this headline from Forbes…

“Tesla Begins Construction of World’s Largest Battery Storage Facility”

That project is supposed to save consumers more than $100 million over the next 2 decades.

That’s insane.

No wonder the rest of the world is knocking on Tesla’s door.

Everyone knows if the technology is good enough for Americans, it’s good enough for them.

In fact, Canada has already contracted Tesla to power 80,000 homes in one of their most populated provinces.

And in the United Kingdom, just SIX of Tesla’s energy systems power 17,000 homes.

The UK has been so happy with Tesla, they even granted them permission to generate electricity on British soil.

Tesla has also installed MicroGrids in places like Fiji, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico.

They’ve even proposed powering the Greek Islands with similar technology.

And like I showed you before, Australia has been running one of Tesla’s energy storage systems for years… and residents have already saved $116 million in energy costs.

Even Apple has announced it’s using Tesla’s energy systems to store energy on its massive solar farm in California.

So I’ll ask you again…

Do you really still think Tesla is a car company?

Or if you’re finally starting to see the truth, let me ask you this…

How much longer before governments everywhere start ditching their energy systems for Tesla’s?

It’s why one billionaire said…

"The value of [Tesla’s] business is about deregulating energy. That's about batteries and battery storage, and it's about disrupting utilities."

But if you still want to bet against Elon, let me show you Phase 3 and then you can decide…

Because Phase #3 is where…

Tesla finally operates as a giant decentralized electric utility…

Look Tesla has no interest in being a traditional utility company.

If you know anything about Elon, you know EVERYTHING he does is different from most people.

So no, Tesla is NOT going to simply lay power lines to people’s houses and collect a monthly fee.

Elon has already said Tesla’s goal is to operate as a decentralized utility around the world.

They have enormous demand for their energy systems.

during the pandemic, Tesla STILL increased the number of energy systems they installed… by a ridiculous 83%.

That was during a time when most countries were shutdown.

Now they’re going to continue installing these systems everywhere.

Why? Because the more energy systems Tesla installs…

The larger they can grow their energy network…

And the more valuable all that extra stored energy becomes.

Imagine Tesla having energy systems in every major city across the globe. (They’re already in 40 different countries.)

Then, when a place like Houston loses power for days because of a freak storm…

Tesla can immediately dispatch some of this extra stored energy to the local power grids!

With decentralized assets everywhere, they can do this easily and quickly. They don’t have to rely on any one unit.

It’s like being able to pull from an army of energy assets… on demand.

This is a massive, massive opportunity.

But here’s where it gets even crazier.

Over the next decade, 145 million electric cars are expected to be on the roads around the world.

And despite everything we just talked about being a distributed energy business, Tesla is still really good at selling electric cars.

So what if Tesla could add every car and truck they sell to this network of energy storage systems?

And what if those vehicles could dispatch the extra energy they store during the day back into Tesla’s energy network?

Too crazy?

Think about it…

All an electric vehicle is… is just a giant powered energy storage system on wheels.

Of course, Elon knows this too.

It’s why Reuters writes…

“[Tesla has a] a global fleet of more than 1 million electric vehicles that are capable of connecting to and sharing power with the grid.”

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Both Tesla owners and Tesla could make a ton of extra money from leftover energy that isn’t being used during the day.

As one journalist who spent a decade covering Silicon Valley Tech puts it…

“The development would essentially make a Tesla car work like a Powerwall.”

And another analyst estimates this could launch a brand-new revenue stream for Tesla at $72 billion per year.

Think about what that could do to Tesla’s market cap.

Can you see why I’m so confident shares could jump to $667 from here?

Like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we wind up closer to Cathie Wood’s $1,533 prediction.

That’s why I’m telling people around me to buy a stake in Tesla right now.

Not next week.

I want to repeat myself just so we’re clear on this…

This best time to act on this information was yesterday. But the second-best time… is right now.

If you wait much longer, you’re going to miss getting into these smaller companies too. Just don’t wait too long.

A Single Announcement (Or Tweet) Could Blow This Story Wide Open on or around January 24

Tesla is already revolutionizing the grid in more than 40 countries around the world…

This is not a goal…

This is happening now.

Soon these enormous energy storage systems will be powering towns and cities everywhere…

Slashing the cost of operating the grid by as much as 91%...

The one in Houston is going to be a gamechanger…

The one in San Francisco is going to be the world’s largest… estimated to save Americans $100 million over the next 2 decades.

And Tesla’s residential energy storage systems could potentially save you an extra $2,000 a year… every year for the rest of your life.

There’s so much demand, one of Tesla’s Top Execs has already said orders are “rapidly filling up through 2024…”

So with Elon fully committed to transforming Tesla from electric car maker to energy powerhouse…

Do you really want to bet against him?

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best story that hasn’t been told.

But I expect that’ll all change on or around January 24 when Elon delivers a BIG announcement to shareholders.

Of course like I said all along… I wouldn’t be surprised if a tweet or social media post leaks out first that blows up that timeline completely.

It could happen at any point…

Which means this tidal wave of momentum I’m expecting could really happen sooner rather than later.

And everyone knows Tesla is one of those stocks where the second good news comes out…

We’ve seen it happen before.

And if I’m right...

I expect these other “silent partner” companies I’m following that are much smaller than Tesla to take off too.

Now if you’d prefer to just buy Tesla, that’s fine. You’re free to do what you want.

But before you buy shares the regular way, I would still recommend the strategy I mentioned before…

Do NOT buy Tesla before seeing this…

Remember, this strategy is NOT for everyone, but it’s great for people who maybe missed Tesla’s run and have been watching from the sidelines.

Because you can buy in with less money that what shares cost today.

And it’s really easy to do. I’ve put together a short video showing you exactly how to do this.

It’s called: How To Roll Back The Clock On Tesla

After you watch me do this on video once, you’ll be able to take advantage of this strategy whenever you want.

In a moment, I’ll show you how you can download this video for FREE.

But like I’ve said all along, if you only buy Tesla, you’re going to miss the biggest opportunity for potential gains.

You’re going to miss out on all the tiny companies I’m tracking that are going to benefit from Tesla’s move.

And with Tesla poised to potentially hit $667 in the days ahead…

I expect many of these stocks will only go higher from here.

You know the saying, “the rising tide lifts all boats”?

Well that’s what’s going to happen with lots of these smaller companies.

These are the 'silent partner' companies I'm talking about.

I call them “silent partners”, because when Tesla moves… lots of these companies soar even higher.

Business Insider wrote a piece about this phenomenon, saying…

“investor hype surrounding electric vehicles has been inspired by Tesla's meteoric rise…”

We saw this happen when I first called Tesla at $37...

And now I’m convinced it’s about to happen again.

Imagine being one of the people I told about Workhorse… BEFORE the stock jumped from $1.61 where I found it…. all the way to $42.96 a share.

That was a ridiculous 2,568% move.

Or being one of the people I told about NIO… BEFORE the stock jumped from $1.80 where I found it… all the way to $64.60.

That was another ridiculous 3,489% move.

And while Tesla soared as much as ELEVEN TIMES over from where I called it at $37…

The gains on Workhorse and NIO could’ve been even bigger.

Workhorse went up 26-TIMES… and NIO went up 35-TIMES!

$2,000 invested in NIO would’ve been enough to buy a new Tesla Model 3… in cash!

And here’s the other thing…

It’s NOT just tiny EV companies that move when Tesla moves.

Because during last year’s Tesla run, many tiny energy companies I found blasted higher too!

Like Fuel Cell Energy…

I told people about that stock when it was trading for 31 cents a share back in July 2019.

By February 2021, shares had hit an all-time high of $29.44 each… a mind-blowing 9,396% move.

I told people about Plug Power when it was trading for just $2.98 a share in November 2019.

That stock hit an all-time high a few months later at $75.49 a share.

It was an enormous 2,251% move.

And I told people about Ballard Power at $5.83 share back in October 2019.

Within days of Tesla hitting $900 a share earlier 2021, Ballard also hit an all-time high of $42.28.

I’m joking when I say this, but that was ONLY a 625% move.

Look that’s why I’ve been saying that while Project X could send Tesla’s stock through the roof…

The biggest potential gains are going to come from these smaller companies.

So while you can just go buy shares of Tesla if you want…

I’m convinced this could be an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

That’s why I’ve put together a special report with the names of the best 5 tiny stocks I’m telling people to look at.

This report is called… 5 Tiny Stocks To Play Elon’s Massive Energy Revolution.

In a moment, I’ll show you how you can get access to this for FREE as well.

But remember, you don’t want to wait to act on this information.

Because even though we’re talking about what happens on or around January 24 being the drop dead date… we’re only one tweet away from this story going mainstream.

So how can you get started right now?

Well I’ll tell you, I don’t sell this information anywhere. Not because I can’t, but because that’s just NOT the way I do business.

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Biotech companies became white hot.

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Novavax exploded 4,431%... from $7.32 to as high as $331.68.

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