WARNING: Scammers Want to Take Your Hard-Earned Money

An increasing number of scammers, posing as me, want to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Watch the 5-minute video below so you can protect yourself.

In This Presentation:

Scam Alert #1: Social Scammers

Scammers use well-known social media channels to earn your trust. Learn what channels they use and how to quickly spot the fakes. Plus: Why I’ll NEVER slip into your DM.

Scam Alert #2: Money Management Schemes

I’m an educator — not a money manager. Find out why I never manage other people’s money and how to tell if you’ve had a legit contact from me or one of my team.

Scam Alert #3: Hot Investment Opportunities, Crypto, or Options

Discover how scammers try to use my good name to push their shady investments. Plus: three things I will NEVER do. (Hint: you NEED to be on the lookout for these red flags.)

What to Do if You Suspect a Scammer has Contacted You

I need your help to shut these shady scammers down. Learn what to do if you suspect someone is trying to suck you into a scam. PLUS: how to contact my team if you have questions or concerns.